Seattle: Altura

Altura came to my attention when it was voted as one of the global selection on The World’s 50 Best Restaurant site and sit on the very top on’s 38 Essential Seattle restaurants list. They even described a counter seating as “arguably the best seat in any Seattle restaurant.” With credentials like that, I’m interested.

Altura - Mendocino Sea Urchin

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Chicago: Al’s Italian Beef

It’s becoming my Chicago tradition. Every time I end my trip and headed for the airport, I must have Chicago’s flagship export: a dripping, juicy Italian Beef.

Al's Italian Beef - Italian Beef

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Chicago: Next

Next was one of those zany foodie destination you just have to visit in Chicago. It was also one of the toughest reservations to get in the country. Luckily I managed to score one…the things I do for this food blog.

Next - Mejillones Enlatados

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Chicago: Calumet Fisheries

We had some extra spare time in Chicago. We had a car. So we decided to take the scenic route, tour the south side, and stop by this Anthony Bourdain-recommended, take-out only outpost that specializes in smoked fish.

Calumet Fisheries - Store

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Chicago: Au Cheval

I’ve had many burgers in my lifetime – from fast food joints like In and Out and Shake Shack to top tiered Michelin stars rated establishments. This burger I had at Au Cheval was, by far, the best burger I’ve ever had.

Au Cheval - Double Cheeseburger

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Chicago: Alinea (***, #9)

Another memorable day in my life to remember: visiting the legendary Three Michelin Star Alinea.

Alinea - Hot Potato

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Chicago: Fat Rice

It doesn’t have any Michelin stars nor did it made it to S. Pellegrino’s top 50 list, but it did made it to the top 38 restaurants in the entire USA published by and one of the global selection on the World’s 50 Best Restaurant site. Needless to say, I’m intrigued.

Fat Rice - Arroz Cordo (Fat Rice)

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Chicago: Pequods Pizza

Having already tried Deep Dish pizza at Lou’s on my last visit, I decided to roll up my sleeves, dig a little deeper, drive a little further, and see if I could find the best one in town.

Pequods Pizza - Deep Dish

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