I am a Vancouver based food blogger working as an accountant. I am lucky enough to dined at some of the best restaurants around the world which had a combined total of 22 41 Michelin stars (and counting!) so far.

Not all food blogs are born the same.

Visiting every single restaurant in town is not my goal. Being very selective, I focus on interesting and exciting restaurants that really pushes the culinary boundaries. Many times these are avant garde fine dining spots in town or aboard, but occasionally you will find casual hipster eateries and food trucks as well. I’m just trying to find the Finest Dish.

I honestly believe you need to be well traveled and have exceptional food to develop your palate in order to discern whether food is good or bad. When aboard, I particularly like going to restaurants that are recognized in the Michelin Star guide and on the S. Pellegrino & Aqua Panna World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Of course, I also don’t neglect the casual signature dishes and local specialties. I value the courage to try and experience new things.

All meals are paid for by me, and I do not get in bed with restaurateurs to get free meals (the “my meal was free but my opinions are entirely my own” drivel just don’t fare well with us professionals). I already make enough $ and have a stable career, and this blog is created purely to share my love for food, not financial (including pandering for free food) or career interests (ie. getting a paid position in the related industry). I am hoping this would uniquely make this blog to offer independent and credible opinions.

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