London: St. John

Here I am again, back from a long awaited vacation in Europe. A lot of things happened since the last post almost a year ago, and of course food was a big part of that. I am diving into this world of food again by beginning with St. John, a meal I had not long after I landed in Heathrow…

Eiffel Tower

#91 this year on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and awarded One Michelin Star, the atmosphere did not felt like swanky restaurant at all, which is not a bad thing. It felt like an eatery for the blue collar worker, which sounds about right since the Smithfield Market is just nearby.

St. John - Bone Marrow

The food was humble (for a Michelin Star restaurant) but flavorful without all the pretentious food pairing or presentation. The Bone Marrow was like seasoned foie gras, so fatty yet so good.

St. John - Welsh Rarebit

The Welsh Rarebit was another recommended item. It was served piping hot and had an unique taste that I wasn’t expecting. It was kind of like a cheese toast but the sour undertone wasn’t really my cup of tea…


Name: St. John
Address: 26 St. John St. London EC1M 4AY (Map)
Phone: 020.7251.0848
Web: Link
Menu: See Website
Dishes You Must Try: Roast Bone Marrow and Parsley, Welsh Rarebit
OpenTable Profile: Link
Yelp Rating: 4/5 (out of 259 reviews, as of this writing)
Finest Dish’s Quality Rating: 2.5/5
Finest Dish’s Service Rating: 3/5

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