Chicago: Al’s Italian Beef

It’s becoming my Chicago tradition. Every time I end my trip and headed for the airport, I must have Chicago’s flagship export: a dripping, juicy Italian Beef.

Al's Italian Beef - Italian Beef

For my last meal in Chicago. I just got to have Italian Beef. In the holy trinity of Chicago foodstuffs consisting of Hot Dog, Deep Dish, and Italian Beef, the latter probably sits on the top.

Having been to Johnnie’s Beef last time, I decided to go for another highly rated joint, Al’s Beef on Taylor St.

Al's Italian Beef - Store

Italian Beef. A local friend suggested “double dipping” so I did just that. This thing soaked up the juice like a sponge! Every time I picked it up or bite into it, juices would just come flying out. It was so soggy that the buns would have a squishy texture which made this difficult to eat. Wrongfully delicious.
Al's Italian Beef - Italian Beef

Lemonade Italian Ice. We went across the street to get some famous Italian Ice from Mario’s Italian Lemonade to wash it all down. Really refreshing after all the meat.
Mario's Italian Lemonade - Lemonade

Mario's Italian Lemonade - Store

Comparing Al’s with Johnnie’s, I prefer Johnnie’s because its flavors seem to be stronger. Maybe it was a bad day but Al’s seem to be more bland compared to Johnnie’s. In any case, it was acceptable and it fulfilled my craving for Italian Beef until the next time I’m in town.


Name: Al’s Beef
Address: 1079 W Taylor St. Chicago, IL 60607 USA (Map)
Phone: 312.226.4017
Menu: Link
Dishes You Must Try: Italian Beef (Double Dipped)
OpenTable Profile: N/A
Al's Italian Beef Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Rating: 3.7/5 (out of 203 votes, as of this writing)
Yelp Rating: 3.5/5 (out of 377 reviews, as of this writing)
Finest Dish’s Quality Rating: 4.5/5
Finest Dish’s Service Rating: 2/5

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