Chicago: Au Cheval

I’ve had many burgers in my lifetime – from fast food joints like In and Out and Shake Shack to top tiered Michelin stars rated establishments. This burger I had at Au Cheval was, by far, the best burger I’ve ever had.

Au Cheval - Double Cheeseburger

This “always full” elevated diner on Randolph’s Restaurant Row came to my attention when Bon Appetit and The Food Network both proclaimed it as the best burger in America. I’ve also heard there are people that will line up for three hours just for this burger from I was pleasantly intrigued.

Not willing to take any chances, we showed up right when the restaurant is supposed to be open. There were no line ups, but the restaurant was quickly packed within seconds when we sat down in dark, bistro-like room.

Sure, you can plaster a burger with foie gras, egg, and other luxury ingredients and call it the best burger ever, but then it’s no longer considered to be a “burger”. Au Cheval was probably the best burger I’ve had in recent memories without the core elements being changed or modified too much.

Foie Gras, Scrambled Eggs & Toast. This sounded crazily good and it was. It was smooth and buttery with the toast cutting down the richness. The flavor of the foie added an interesting dimension to the humble egg yolk that was just fighting for attention in my mouth. Good stuff!
Au Cheval - Foie Gras, Scrambled Eggs & Toast

Double Cheeseburger. How could a simple burger like this tasted so good? That delicious Dijonnaise made the burger, not to mention the mixture of the egg yolk balancing with the well seasoned, juicy patty. All these flavors melted in my mouth. I couldn’t find the flowery words to describe how good it was, you just have to try it. Amazing stuff!
Au Cheval - Double Cheeseburger

More burger porn.
Au Cheval - Double Cheeseburger

Au Cheval - Double Cheeseburger

Fries. The garlic aioli that came with the fries was so good that I was fighting with my friend for every last bit. The fries tasted fresh and it was something of itself too. So good!
Au Cheval - Fries

I’ve had many burgers in the past and none of them were particular memorable like the one I had here. A few days later and I can still remembered how good it was. Totally worth the hype.

This is another restaurant that I really wanted in Vancouver but it will never happen because Vancouver is just so boring in terms of the food front. But the next time in Chicago, I will be sure to come back for a revisit. For a guy that always wanted something new and doesn’t do a lot of revisit, that meant a lot!


Name: Au Cheval
Address: 800 W. Randolph St. Chicago, IL 60607 USA (Map)
Phone: 312.929.4580
Menu: Link
Dishes You Must Try: Double Cheeseburger
OpenTable Profile: N/A
Au Cheval Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Rating: 4.8/5 (out of 260 votes, as of this writing)
Yelp Rating: 4/5 (out of 1922 reviews, as of this writing)
Finest Dish’s Quality Rating: 5/5
Finest Dish’s Service Rating: 2.5/5

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