Chicago: Johnnie’s Beef

Besides hot dogs and deep dish pizzas, one of the other signature dish of this great city was the Italian beef: a sandwich of sliced, juicy roast beef just dripping with meat juices. I picked one of the best in this fiercely competitive city: Johnnie’s Beef. A bit out of the way, so I would require the proper transport…

After attending a friend‘s wedding, I picked up an appropriate vehicle that would get me there in style. And fast. A red Mustang convertible…always wanted to drive one of these RWD bad boys. With the top down and Google Maps coordinates punched in on my Xperia, I was on my way.

Once again, I was met with a large crowd outside the restaurant before it was suppose to open, always an indication of a decent foodies town. I was beginning to miss this place…

Combo Sausage and Beef – Wanting to get the best of both worlds, I got the combo sausage and beef. The incredible au jus dipped roast beef was just so tender and delicious, and this was offset by the firmer, saltier sausage. It was all contrasted by the sweet peppers which cut down the richness of the duo of meats. I was surprised how the bun didn’t fall apart by the au jus, and it held up the meat very well. Amazing stuff, definitely worth renting a Mustang for.

Italian Ice – Basically kind of like a sweet lemonade slurpee, this was incredible refreshing and perfect for washing down the heavy sandwich under the hot Chicago sun.

And since it wasn’t my car, here’s an extra picture of my meal on the hood of my rental Mustang.

Out of the three “signature” dishes I’ve had in Chicago, that being the Chicago style hot dog, deep dish pizza, and Italian beef, I had to say this was my favorite, and Johnnie’s Beef executed it perfectly. I don’t know why we don’t have this back in Vancouver, but one thing I do know is that I’ll always remember the taste of this beef. Definitely worth the drive!


Name: Johnnie’s Beef
Address: 7500 W. North Ave. Elmwood Park, IL 60707, USA (Map)
Phone: 708.452.6000
Web: N/A
Menu: N/A
Dishes You Must Try: Combo Sausage and Beef, Italian Ice
OpenTable Profile: N/A
Johnnie's Beef on Urbanspoon Rating: 93% (out of 436 votes, as of this writing)
Yelp Rating: 4.5/5 (out of 430 reviews, as of this writing)
Finest Dish’s Quality Rating: 4/5
Finest Dish’s Service Rating: 2.5/5


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