Pig on the Street

There’s no such thing as too much bacon. Today I risked high cholesterol and reviewed ALL of Pig on the Street’s wraps…minus the vegetarian option of course!

Pig on the Street is a food truck that specializes in using bacon in its sandwiches. The truck itself is hard to miss: it is a bright pink Volkswagen Vanagon with a crowd in front of it on any given sunny day. Within a year, it had already generated quite a bit of hype and successful enough for the owners to open a brick and mortar restaurant, appropriately named Pig and Mortar. Quite an impressive accomplishment.

I initially frowned on the idea of more sandwiches food trucks when a friend recommended it to me. I sure didn’t regret it after I had my first bite of its sandwiches. What made this truck special was the clever combination of fresh ingredients wrapped in a hand made flat bread that made it really special.

Pig LT, with double smoked bacon, tomato, avocado, farmhouse cheddar, greens, bacon and maple mayo, is a staple on the menu. I particularly like the use of avocado, which made the sandwich very creamy. This was however paired with the salty, tasty bacon, which in turn created a lovely texture and delicious blend in my mouth. The flat bread was noticeably soft and fluffy, which was perfect to bite into and wrapped the whole thing together.

Piggy Blues, double smoked bacon, grilled mushrooms, creamy blue cheese, caramelized onion, mayo greens. The more savory option, I felt like I’m leaving street food territory and straight into a decent restaurant. The creamy blue cheese and mushrooms made me think I’m eating pasta in an Italian restaurant, but here I am chewing on this thing on the front steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Quite the foodgasm experience.

Southern Piggy, double smoked bacon, grilled peppers, corn, Bourbon BBQ sauce, cheddar, chipotle mayo, greens. My least favorite of the bunch, this was sweet and I thought it had a strange texture. Maybe I’m just not attuned to the Southern flavors…

The Porker, double smoked bacon, sausage stuffing with apple and sage, goat gouda, caramelized onion, mayo, greens. Not for the faint of heart, this thing had bacon and sausage that almost sent me to a food coma. For some reason, my mind confused the sausage as having the consistency of foie gras. This was a heavy, savory, wrap of goodness.

I didn’t bother with the No Piggy, as no vegetarians would, or should, be reading this blog anyways. Begone!

If you have been following this blog at all, you know that I’m pretty fed up with the boring, cookie cutter food truck scene here. Well let’s face it, Volkswagens are pretty boring too and are just devoid of anything that’s fun. But for Pig on the Street, there wasn’t much to criticize. Fresh ingredients, well thought out combinations, it was everything but a boring sandwich. Probably the best things that could ever come out of a Volkswagen!


Name: Pig on the Street
Address: Howe St. and Robson St. Vancouver, BC Canada V7Y1K8 (Map)
Web: www.pigonthestreet.com
Menu: Link
Dishes You Must Try: Pig LT, Piggy Blues, The Porker
OpenTable Profile: N/A
Pig on the Street on Urbanspoon Rating: 92% (out of 59 votes, as of this writing)
DineHere Rating: 4/5 (out of 1 review, as of this writing)
Yelp Rating: 4/5 (out of 17 reviews, as of this writing)
Finest Dish’s Quality Rating: 3.5/5
Finest Dish’s Service Rating: 3/5


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