Monthly Archives: December 2015

Big Trouble Chinatown

Historic Chinatown gradually went through subtle changes over the years as old school stores and eateries that our parents took us to are being replaced by hipster restaurants, organic groceries, and even a store that sells skateboards. This was one … Continue reading

Bistro Sakana

After my ultimate foodie trip to New York and Chicago, here I am back on native soil in Vancouver. I am hoping to find something in Vancouver that would remotely match the creativity, diversity, and quality of what I had. … Continue reading

Fat Badger

Fat Badger is a British gastropub that had been making quite a buzz in food circles and several recommended restaurants lists for the last little while. British gastropubs are somewhat uncommon in Vancouver and even rarer for them to win … Continue reading

Seattle: Shiro’s Sushi (Revisit)

I don’t usually do restaurant revisits: every revisit is a missed opportunity to try something new. But every time I fly to or from Seatac, I try to come here: because it’s that good. My favorite sushi restaurant in Vancouver … Continue reading

Seattle: Altura

Altura came to my attention when it was voted as one of the global selection on The World’s 50 Best Restaurant site and sit on the very top on’s 38 Essential Seattle restaurants list. They even described a counter … Continue reading

Chicago: Al’s Italian Beef

It’s becoming my Chicago tradition. Every time I end my trip and headed for the airport, I must have Chicago’s flagship export: a dripping, juicy Italian Beef.