Monthly Archives: December 2013

Chicago: L2O (**)

My last supper of this trip was also the most memorable: this was my 20th Michelin Stars where I’ve dined at in this year alone. L2O was one of the finest dining spots in Chicago that once stood toe to … Continue reading

Chicago: Johnnie’s Beef

Besides hot dogs and deep dish pizzas, one of the other signature dish of this great city was the Italian beef: a sandwich of sliced, juicy roast beef just dripping with meat juices. I picked one of the best in … Continue reading

Chicago: Hot Doug’s

Ah yes, how could any foodie visit Chicago without lining up at Hot Doug’s? Famous for its crazy hot dogs with premium ingredients without breaking the bank, it was covered in numerous TV shows and media. I made this my … Continue reading

Chicago: Urban Belly

At this point, I lost count of how many tasting menus I’ve had during this trip. One thing for sure was that almost all of them were either French or (modern) American. Wanting to break that mold, I took the … Continue reading

Chicago: Topolobampo (*)

A restaurant that seemed to do the impossible: combining Mexican cuisine with modern, sophisticated fine dining. This was the restaurant that introduced me to Mexican food that I could never have in Vancouver, a restaurant that finally woke my taste … Continue reading