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Tokyo: Rakutei (**)

There are tempuras, and then they are tempuras. The former are the soggy, greasy, tasteless, rubbery, silicone implants they serve in Vancouver all you can eat places. The latter are ultra fresh, Michelin stars worthy affairs cooked by chefs that … Continue reading

Kobe: Wakkoqu

Those who follow this blog will know that Kobe beef on a menu will attract me like mosquitoes to a fly light. This is the most revered the type of beef which all other mortal beef will cower over. Since … Continue reading

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Kyoto: Kichisen (**)

Kyoto, the ground zero of traditional kaiseki. I stopped here for little less than a day and I wasn’t going to leave this place without having a perfect and the most intricate kaiseki. I succeeded in finding a beautiful, two … Continue reading

Kyoto: Shoraian

Since ancient times, Kyoto was renowned for its tofu. It is said that the quality of its soft spring water allowed Kyoto to produce the best tofu in the country, perhaps the world. It was a given then that I … Continue reading

Tokyo: Nihonryori Ryugin (***, #22)

Sampling a variety of Japanese cuisines was one of my main goals during my brief stay in Japan. Having already booked a traditional kaiseki in Kyoto, I opted for a more modern interpretation in Tokyo. I picked one of the … Continue reading