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Tokyo: Toriki (*)

Juicy chicken grilled over slow flame topped with sauces and other usual suspects, trying a proper yakitori place in Japan was unavoidable. What were pretentious and overpriced affairs back home are humble and down to earth neighborhood joints in Japan. … Continue reading

Tokyo: Sukiyabashi Jiro (***)

The only sushi restaurant in the world that needed no introductions. It was awarded 3 Michelin Stars, and the chef is the oldest one alive with that accolade. The Japanese government recognized him as a living national treasure. Its reservations … Continue reading

Tokyo: Edition Koji Shimomura (**)

The Japanese’s obsession with French cuisine is not a big secret, as evident by shows such as Iron Chef and numerous Japanese chefs working in France’s kitchens. Fresh Japanese ingredients married with French cooking techniques seemed like the pinnacle of … Continue reading

Tokyo: Nodaiwa (*)

One of my favorite Japanese dish is the Unagi Don (BBQ eel served on rice with sauce). Typically a non-descript entry in Vancouver menus, it is a full blown, specialized, and Michelin Stars worthy affair in Japan. I admire how … Continue reading

Tokyo: Sushi Dai

My hands are still trembling and I’m still getting goosebumps as I thought about what I tasted here. I really don’t want to abuse the term “the best”, but it is only appropriate to say that I’ve had, clearly, by … Continue reading

Tokyo: Rokurinsha

Welcome to Tokyo! A truly memorable, Michelin stars-filled gastronomic journey that would had me sample several types of Japanese cuisines awaited me. But after my 10 hour flight from YVR, I was tired, weary, and hungry. Ramen was the only … Continue reading

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