Monthly Archives: February 2012

Q Go Ramen (Updated April 6, 2012)

Sushi, Izakaya, Ramen. These are the three types of restaurants that made up the triad of Japanese cuisines that are available around where I am working. While most of the town’s best ramen shops are concentrated around the downtown area, … Continue reading

YEW Restaurant + Bar (Updated February 25, 2012)

Gone are the days where hotel restaurant were tourist traps with boring menus and stale buffet tables with a carvery. Now, Vancouver has some of the mostĀ modernĀ and trendy restaurants staying inside their top hotels. YEW at the Four Seasons Hotel … Continue reading

Smoking Dog Bistro

Planning a Dineout event among friends is always difficult. On one extreme, there’s the “go big or go home”, no nonsense, no reservations type. Just order the most unique and best tasting things on the menu with no regard for … Continue reading

Al Porto Ristorante

Our Dineout 2012 adventures continue! With pictures showing up frequently on my Facebook feed, Al Porto seems to be a popular choice among my friends. Also recommended by not one, but two of my coworkers, we decided to journey to … Continue reading

Le Gavroche

It’s Dineout, and I just couldn’t let it end until I’ve been to at least one French restaurant. After all, it was arguably the French cuisine that started fine dining. Le Gavroche had always been on my to-do list, as … Continue reading