Monthly Archives: December 2011


It’s quite welcoming to see an izakaya that’s open for lunch and just a few blocks from where I work. Though there are quite a few in Vancouver, they’re either buried in downtown (thanks to Mayor Moonbeam for inflated parking … Continue reading

Verace Pizzeria and Enoteca

My obsession with authentic neapolitan pizza continues! After having some of the best pizzas of my life at Nicli Antica, I just couldn’t have normal pizzas anymore. My latest expedition led me to Verace Pizzeria and Enoteca, a relatively quiet … Continue reading

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka 火頭山

The weather is getting cold and so is the traffic to this food blog, so what is a better way to resolve this situation than writing about Vancouver’s favorite ramen destination? Ask five people what’s the best ramen place in Vancouver … Continue reading