Monthly Archives: November 2011

Cafe Medina

Ever since I’ve had my wonderful meal at 12B, I’m completely addicted to eating good food, even for lunch! Looking for a decent place to eat, Cafe Medina came across my foodar. Located just across the bridge from my place … Continue reading

Meat & Bread

Let me start off by saying: I don’t like sandwiches. They’re boring and un-innovative. I grew up with sandwiches since grade 4 and never liked them. Which is why when Vancouver Magazine released their choice of Vancouver’s Best Sandwiches, I’m … Continue reading


I had been lucky enough to be invited to an underground restaurant, 12B, courtesy of a fellow foodie friend. I had always heard about these places lurking in Vancouver but never knew how I can get on the guest list. … Continue reading


Cafeteria. That word sends shrills down my spine. We all have our cafeteria nightmares, and for the record, I’m done with cafeterias. However, a restaurant with the same name on Main, just off the side of Broadway, is the exact … Continue reading