Monthly Archives: September 2011

Shuraku Sake Bar & Bistro

I had the honor to setting up a farewell dinner for a friend leaving for school in London. In other words, I had to find a type of cuisine that is geographically¬†farthest away from England, but good enough so it’ll … Continue reading

Novo Pizzeria

I’ve been busy lately, but there are always time to taste, just not enough time to write. Near my place of employment is the newly opened Novo, previously Incendio. Having experienced not one but two of the best pizzas of … Continue reading

Nicli Antica Pizzeria (Updated December 21, 2011)

A coworker tipped me off by¬†claiming that he had the best pizza ever in his life.¬†Intrigued, I’m inclined to verify his claim. Located at the outskirts of Gastown, which is pretty much in the depths of the ghetto, lay a … Continue reading

Pacific National Exhibition (PNE)

Lining up under a hot sun for street food? Usually I would just say you’re out of your mind. However, rumors had it that there are these crazy food abberations offered at the fair, something that sounds devilishly good, something … Continue reading

Telus TaiwanFest 2011

After a high powered, executive style lunch only hours before, I’m back on the streets tasting the street food of Telus TaiwanFest 2011 in downtown. That’s right, just another day at the office. With an already full stomach, I’ve only … Continue reading

Market by Jean-Georges

The Market is fast becoming my cafeteria as I have a friend that stays there whenever she is in town. Located as part of the swanky Shangri-La hotel, the Market is the flagship restaurant of the hotel, blessed by three-Michelin … Continue reading