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Chicago: Sixteen (**)

Located on the floor with the same name, Sixteen was the flagship restaurant of the brilliant looking Trump Tower smack in the middle of the Chicago Riverfront district. In all the other Michelin Star establishments I’ve been to in this … Continue reading

New York City: Soto (**)

Uni (sea urchin) has always been one of my passions, so when I heard of an Two Michelin Star omakase counter offering a tasting menu that specializes in uni in this beautiful city of New York, I just have to … Continue reading

New York City: Ichimura (**)

I absolutely love sushi so sitting in front of a Michelin Star sushi counter when I’m in New York is a must for me. I didn’t want to blow it all out and go to Masa so I went for … Continue reading

Chicago: L2O (**)

My last supper of this trip was also the most memorable: this was my 20th Michelin Stars where I’ve dined at in this year alone. L2O was one of the finest dining spots in Chicago that once stood toe to … Continue reading

Chicago: Graham Elliot (**)

Graham Elliot. You may recognize him as a judge on the popular TV show MasterChef. It is also one of the two restaurants that have earned Two Michelin Stars in Chicago. With credentials like that, I was hoping this would … Continue reading

Tokyo: Rakutei (**)

There are tempuras, and then they are tempuras. The former are the soggy, greasy, tasteless, rubbery, silicone implants they serve in Vancouver all you can eat places. The latter are ultra fresh, Michelin stars worthy affairs cooked by chefs that … Continue reading

Kyoto: Kichisen (**)

Kyoto, the ground zero of traditional kaiseki. I stopped here for little less than a day and I wasn’t going to leave this place without having a perfect and the most intricate kaiseki. I succeeded in finding a beautiful, two … Continue reading

Tokyo: Edition Koji Shimomura (**)

The Japanese’s obsession with French cuisine is not a big secret, as evident by shows such as Iron Chef and numerous Japanese chefs working in France’s kitchens. Fresh Japanese ingredients married with French cooking techniques seemed like the pinnacle of … Continue reading