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Bistro Sakana

After my ultimate foodie trip to New York and Chicago, here I am back on native soil in Vancouver. I am hoping to find something in Vancouver that would remotely match the creativity, diversity, and quality of what I had. … Continue reading

Tokyo: Toriki (*)

Juicy chicken grilled over slow flame topped with sauces and other usual suspects, trying a proper yakitori place in Japan was unavoidable. What were pretentious and overpriced affairs back home are humble and down to earth neighborhood joints in Japan. … Continue reading


Those of us Vancouverites with a more discerning palate that wanted some Japanese cuisine for dinner had always turn to izakayas. From powerhouses like Guu and Hapa to smaller, independent ones dotting the city, sometimes we do get overwhelm by … Continue reading

Zakkushi Charcoal Grill on Main

We can count ourselves to be lucky if we wanted some phenomenal Japanese food in Vancouver. The Vancouver Japanese food scene is pretty much an umbrella term that covers everything from entry level sushi places to high end establishments like Tojo’s, from … Continue reading


It’s quite welcoming to see an izakaya that’s open for lunch and just a few blocks from where I work. Though there are quite a few in Vancouver, they’re either buried in downtown (thanks to Mayor Moonbeam for inflated parking … Continue reading

Shuraku Sake Bar & Bistro

I had the honor to setting up a farewell dinner for a friend leaving for school in London. In other words, I had to find a type of cuisine that is geographically farthest away from England, but good enough so it’ll … Continue reading

Guu Garden

Guu was always a frequent favourite in my casual Japanese category ever since my friends took me there for my birthday years ago. Cheap and cheerful, the Guu chain is a great alternative to the mediocre, Chinese-owned sushi places that had … Continue reading