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London: St. John

Here I am again, back from a long awaited vacation in Europe. A lot of things happened since the last post almost a year ago, and of course food was a big part of that. I am diving into this … Continue reading

New York City: Minetta Tavern (*)

Anthony Bourdain called it “the best, state of the art” burger. I’m intrigued.

Chicago: Topolobampo (*)

A restaurant that seemed to do the impossible: combining Mexican cuisine with modern, sophisticated fine dining. This was the restaurant that introduced me to Mexican food that I could never have in Vancouver, a restaurant that finally woke my taste … Continue reading

Chicago: Moto (*)

This restaurant came on my radar through Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and Hell’s Kitchen. Known for its somewhat controversial area of molecular gastronomy, I always wanted to see far these chefs can push the boundaries on the dining table. I … Continue reading

Tokyo: Toriki (*)

Juicy chicken grilled over slow flame topped with sauces and other usual suspects, trying a proper yakitori place in Japan was unavoidable. What were pretentious and overpriced affairs back home are humble and down to earth neighborhood joints in Japan. … Continue reading

Tokyo: Nodaiwa (*)

One of my favorite Japanese dish is the Unagi Don (BBQ eel served on rice with sauce). Typically a non-descript entry in Vancouver menus, it is a full blown, specialized, and Michelin Stars worthy affair in Japan. I admire how … Continue reading

LA: Cut by Wolfgang Puck (*)

I have been extremely busy lately. Challenged myself to take motorsports pictures by going to the Pacific Forest Rally┬áin Merritt, and I took well over 10GB+ worth of pictures. Most of them turned out to be surprisingly good, and the … Continue reading

LA: Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood (*)

Despite what you think of Gordon Ramsay, I like the guy. You can’t push a team to their absolute limit and achieve a level of unparalleled perfection by smiling, giving out hugs, how you doin’, and being a nice guy. … Continue reading