New York City: Halal Guys

No food trip in New York is complete without experiencing lining up under the sun for Halal Guys. Just look at the crowd! The people has spoken!

The Halal Guys - Line Up

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New York City: Le Bernardin (***, #21)

Day Two in my New York trip and it’s time for another Three Michelin Stars, World’s 50 Best rated restaurant. Except this was like no other: this was my favourite meal in the entire trip.

Le Bernardin - Tuna

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New York City: Papaya King

Being a tourist traveler, I always wanted to try something I couldn’t get back home or something local to the region. It’s either that or I can stuff my face with food from fast food chain joints like some unadventurous tourist. I hear the hot dog is somewhat of a local favorite here, so I picked one of their best…for breakfast.

Papaya King - Onions

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New York City: Eleven Madison Park (***, #4)

Three Michelin Stars. The Top #4 Restaurant in the World – #1 in North America. One of the very few restaurants with New York Times’ maximum possible Four Stars rating. This was the meal I was looking forward to the most in this trip.

Eleven Madison Park - Eggs Benedict

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New York City: Sobakoh

Just around the block from Baohaus sits Sobakoh, a Japanese restaurant specializing in soba (and soba related items). Being a huge fan of anything Japanese that specializes in one thing – and one thing only (and did I mention soba?), I just have to come here for another snack.

Sobahkoh - Uni Ikura Soba

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New York City: Baohaus

I’ve been extremely busy lately, which explains why there are as much updates as the amount of Vancouver cyclists actually following road rules as of late. But with extreme busy-ness comes extreme vacations: welcome to New York! Being fresh off the boat, I find no better place to start this culinary journey than Baohaus.

Baohaus - Chairman Bao

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Ask for Luigi

One of the newer restaurants in Vancouver that’s often seen with a lineup on its doors steps, Ask for Luigi is known for its house made pasta. What it should be known is its Bone Marrow & Escargot starter!

Ask for Luigi - Bone Marrow & Escargot

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A surprising tasting menu where flavors and finesses were hidden behind simple presentation, this is an underrated restaurant that deserves more attention.

Cinara - Sirloin, Swiss Chard, Artichoke

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