Ask for Luigi

One of the newer restaurants in Vancouver that’s often seen with a lineup on its doors steps, Ask for Luigi is known for its house made pasta. What it should be known is its Bone Marrow & Escargot starter!

Ask for Luigi - Bone Marrow & Escargot

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A surprising tasting menu where flavors and finesses were hidden behind simple presentation, this is an underrated restaurant that deserves more attention.

Cinara - Sirloin, Swiss Chard, Artichoke

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If there is a restaurant where their Dine Out menu got their diners to come back for more, it’s this. This restaurant got me hooked!

Damso - Spicy Seoul Ramyun

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If you ask me what some of my favorite restaurants are, there is no doubt I would base it on exceptional flavors and service that would burn in my memory for the rest of my life. Then there were a few restaurants that would invoke that special emotional feeling that made it so memorable. This was the latter.

VanSoba - Cold Buckwheat Noodle

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Edible Canada

Always looking for that gem of a Dine Out menu that stood out from the rest of the other Pacific Northwest clones, Edible Canada’s use of beef tongues and bone marrow in their menu naturally caught this foodie’s eye. Note: This post mostly contains pictures and brief notes.

Edible Canada - Duck Fat Frites (with Fried Egg)

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I have not been to Chambar since its renovation-relocation, and its appearance on this year’s Dine Out Vancouver 2014 festival was the perfect excuse for me to return to this Vancouver institution to try out its new menu.

Chambar - L’Entrecote Grillee

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Every year during Dine Out season, I automatically ignored the uninspired $18/$28 menus that often didn’t offer any value. That trend was about to change after a visit to Chicha, a Peruvian inspired tapas bar near Main and Broadway. These guys did the seemingly impossible: creating an unique, good valued, $28 Dine Out Vancouver menu!

Chicha - Atun de Tataki

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The Fish House in Stanley Park

Here we go again, another year, another Dine Out Vancouver Festival. I always wanted to try a “nice”, $38 menu restaurant that had always been around but never got around to try. The picturesque Fish House in Stanley Park was one of these restaurants.

The Fish House in Stanley Park - Ling Cod Cheeks

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